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Since 2008 the BIKES BC Project has grown from bike safety rodeos to in-class presentations and now guest speaker interviews. After connecting with over 2000 students across North America in 2013, I narrowed my focus in 2014 to the students of British Columbia and produced polished episodes featuring environmental science or human physiology guest speakers. Each episode takes us on location, sharing with students the nature of their day, how outdoor exercise is incorporated and how they first discovered their passion interest.

Our project aims to get kids moving and pursing their favourite interests. Our in-class presentations discuss the difference between dream goals and passion interests, the importance of community in attaining personal success and stresses the importance of healthy lifestyle choices.  

During the 2013-2014 school year we were able to visit 5 schools, film 5 guest interviews and publish 2 of those episodes. You can watch our published episodes here! 

Episode #1: Majorie Lauzon (Kinesiologist)                                                                
Episode #2: Anna Helmer (Organic Farmer)      
2013-2014 Project Commercial

Your support will help us 1) publish the 3 remaining episodes and 2) secure funding to film & edit our 2014-2015 project  that hopes to once again feature 5 environmental science & human physiology professionals from British Columbia.  

Episode #3: Taylor Dick (PHD Kinesiology @ SFU)
Episode #4: Mark Richards (Wildlife Photographer)
Episode #5: Dan Gronross (LEED Structural Engineer)

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